• Michael McCollom: The Way We Wore: Black Style Then

    Tuesday Jul 28 2015

    May 1960, New York City. Arlene Hawkins, Owner of Arlene Hawkins Cosmetics


    1978, Newark, NJ. Linwood Allen, Designer


    1969, New York City. Veronica Jones, Boutique Owner


    1978, Newark, NJ. Douglas Says, Designer 

    “One should not enter a room and expect ambiance; one should enter it and become it,” Geoffrey Holder wrote in the foreword to The Way We Wore: Black Style Then by Michael McCollom (Glitterati Incorporated).

    Chronicling African-American fashion from...

  • Anne Fogarty: Wife Dressing

    Tuesday Jul 14 2015




    When designer Anne Fogarty first published Wife Dressing in 1959—a witty blend of fashion savvy and wifely advice that encapsulated the sensibilities of the era—women everywhere embraced the observations and expertise she shared. After all, not only did Fogarty’s designs shape fashion in the late 1950s and early ‘60s, but she herself embodied the look she had created. With her 18-inch waist—beautifully suited to her own sleek sheaths—and her infallible sense of what to wear for every occasion,...

  • Hilary Gumbel: Unichef

    Tuesday Jun 23 2015

    Bobby Flay


    Bobby Flay: Fulton Fish Market Cioppino


    Curtis Stone


    Curtis Stone: Grilled Lobster Sweet Corn Butter Bacon Marmalade


    Giada De Laurentiis


    Giada De Laurentiis: Vegetable Parmesan

    Unichef: Top Chefs Unite in Support of the World’s Children (Glitterati Incorporated) is the amazing collaboration of 40 world-class chefs to benefit The U.S. Fund for UNICEF, assembled...

  • Peter Wise: Surf

    Tuesday Jun 16 2015





    From its earliest mention in Captain Cook’s Journals in 1779, the surf has been a source of inspiration for beach lovers, sailing aficionados, and surfers alike. The surfing world has long been embraced by mainstream pop culture, thanks to a plethora of films like Blue Crush and iconic documentaries like The Endless Summer; and youth culture itself. Even people who don’t surf like to endear themselves to...

  • Geoffrey Bradfield: A 21st Century Palace: Jerusalem

    Tuesday Jun 02 2015

    Living Room and Terrace with view.


    Detail of Maison F. Barbedienne urn of gilt bronze.


    Marble bathroom.


    Mirror reflection from Kogler table of Claude Lalanne chandelier.

    Geoffrey Bradfield is a world-renowned interior designer, sought after by Fortune 500 clients and others for whom the firm long ago coined the phrase “silent celebrities,” which include some of the most prominent aristocratic and royal families in the world. Among Bradfield’s many highly celebrated projects are: a major overhaul of...

  • Paul Zone: Growing Up in the New York Underground: From Glam to Punk

    Tuesday May 26 2015

    Anna Sui, Max's Kansas City, NY, 1978


    Tish & Snooky / Manic Panic, St. Marks Place, NY, 1978


    The Fast, Pat and Lance Loud’s House, Hollywood, 1979


    Lance Loud and Paul Zone, 23 Street, NY, 1974  


    Wayne County, Coventry, Queens, NY, 1973

    Paul Zone makes his triumphant return to New York with Growing Up in the New York Underground:...

  • John Ahearn: Cast From Life

    Tuesday Apr 14 2015

    'Life on Dawson St,' Thomas, Barbara, Pedro with tire, Pat, & Selena by John Ahearn,


    Kids on Dawson Street,


    Audrey & Janelle


    Cast of Kido with his sister Elizabeth, her husband Ariel and daughter Stephanie, 1986


    Luis and Virginia at home with their cast from 1980.

    John Ahearn followed his identical twin brother Charlie to New York City in 1974. Charlie had participated in the Whitney artist program. John had lost...

  • Jean Govoni Salvatore & Luciano Parolari: Tales of Risotto

    Tuesday Apr 07 2015





    Over the years, the history and mythology of risotto have woven a delicious tale, though one thread is undeniably consistent: The risotto “invented” in northern Italy and still the jewel in the culinary crown there today, is northern Italy’s culinary masterpiece. Tales of Risotto: Culinary Adventures from Villa d’Este (Glitterati Incorporated) presents the recipes of Villa d’Este executive chef Luciano Parolari, known locally as “The King of...

  • Ralph Pucci: The Art of the Mannequin

    Tuesday Mar 31 2015

    Mannequin by Kenny Scharf, fashions by Rubin Chapelle


    Hiroshi Tanabe mannequins, 1997, fashions by Susan Cianciolo


    Ralph Pucci, Girl Mannequin, 2008, fashion by Frank Tell 

    As Ralph Pucci was building his mannequin business in the 1970s, the notion of the “super model”—the living mannequin with a personality—emerged. Pucci captured this catalytic moment in his work, finding inspiration from sources as varied as Greek and Roman statues and the getups of the New York Dolls. Pucci characterized the previously anonymous...

  • Nina Leen: Lenslady

    Tuesday Mar 24 2015

    Mannequin dressed in suit and overcoat illustrating shortages during WWII, 1942. © Time Inc.


    Members of the Young Women’s Republican Club of Milford, CT
    explore “masculine” enjoyments, here they play poker and smoke, 1941. © Time Inc.


    Man holding large cube of ice to illustrate shortages during WWII, 1942. © Time Inc.

  • Malissa "Mali" Hunter: Welcome to MaliWorld

    Tuesday Mar 17 2015

    Photograph by Sandro Miller



    Paul Diaz, Malissa Hunter, James ‘Groove’ Chambers



    Two Chainz, Mali Hunter, Lenny Kravitz, and KY

    Malissa "Mali" Hunter is a twenty-first century Renaissance woman. Known to some as a executive in the entertainment and advertising world, she has received her first Grammy Award nomination for her role in the “New Flame”, song with Chris Brown, Usher, and Rick Ross, which is up for Best R&B Song and...

  • Andrew Geller: Deconstructed

    Tuesday Mar 10 2015

    Pearlroth  Aerial  Shot


    The  Pearlroth  house


    Construction  of  the  Pearlroth  house,  Hopi  Pueblo  Native  American  tile,
     and  an  early  sketch  produced   by  Andrew  in  the  1930s  during  a  visit  to  The  Brooklyn  Museum


    The  Elkin  house


    Interior  and  exterior  photographs  of  the  Elkin  house  and  floorplan

    Often referred to as the “architect of happiness,” Andrew Geller had the heart and mind of an artist. As a mid-century Modernist, Geller charted his own...

  • Anton Perich: A Portrait of Charles James

    Tuesday Mar 03 2015






    Known as “America’s First Couturier”, Charles James was a British-born fashion designer who attended Harrow School, London, in 1919 with Evelyn Waugh, Francis Cyril Rose, and Cecil Beaton, with whom he formed a longstanding friendship.

    James opened his first hat shop in Chicago in 1926, at the age of nineteen. Two years later, he left Chicago for Long Island with 70 cents, a Pierce...

  • Paul Rand: Everything is Design

    Tuesday Feb 24 2015

    I Know A Lot of Things, book designed by Paul Rand
    and written by Ann Rand, 1956/ Private Collection


    Jazzways magazine, Volume 1, 1946,
    with cover design by Paul Rand/ Private Collection


    Sparkle and Spin: A Book About Words, book designed by Paul Rand
    and written by Ann Rand, 1957/ Private Collection


    Coronet Brandy magazine advertisement, 1948/ Private Collection

    Born in Brooklyn to a father who owned a small grocery store, Paul Rand rose to...

  • Ellen Jong: Serpent on the Mount

    Tuesday Feb 17 2015


    Amphetamine, in white and pink 2012 Rope, resin, Krylon, rubber
    14h x 36w x 24d in. (approx)

    Ouroboros #2, unpainted 2012 Rope, resin, cardboard
    56h x 12w x 2d in. (approx)


  • Steven Noss: Weaven's World

    Tuesday Feb 10 2015

    "From The Industry of Ampro"


    From "Detroit 2532 A.D."


    From "Salon Domenique's"


    From "Salon Domenique's"


    Steven Noss is a fantasy hair stylist extraordinaire. He has dedicated his life to entertainment hair, turning was an underground industry into a full-blown career. His innovative designs combined with his high-energy presentation have made Noss one of the most celebrated stylists on the scene, earning him appearances on “America’s Next top Model”,...

  • Paolo Canevari: Monuments of the Memory

    Tuesday Feb 03 2015

    Aquatint on Hahnemühle copperplate paper, 300 gsm, 30 x 42 inches


    Paolo Canevari, photograph by Adèle Jancovici.


    In the studio


    Aquatint on Hahnemühle copperplate paper, 300 gsm, 30 x 42 inches


    Adèle Jancovici. Photograph by Audrey R. Smith.

    Born into a family of artists and publishers, Adèle Jancovici was destined for a career in the arts. Her father, Harry Jancovici worked with Tom Wesselman, Francis...

  • Jamel Shabazz: Freshly Dressed

    Tuesday Jan 20 2015






    Premiering at the Sundance Film Festival on January 24, Sacha Jenkins’ documentary film “Freshly Dressed” looks at Hip Hop style through the lens of photographers, fashion designers, and performers to chronicle the history of fashion and culture at large. Featuring Kanye West, Andre Leon Tally, Riccardo Tischi, Dapper Dan, and Karl Kani, the film demonstrates that it is...

  • Jean Govoni Salvadore: My Dolce Vita

    Tuesday Jan 06 2015

    Sophia Loren always caused a sensation when arriving in Rome
    and received premier attention from crew and staff.


    In 1950, Gina Lollabrigida and her husband, Milko Skofich,
    are greeted by Jean Govoni Salvadore.


    Ingrid Bergman arrives in Rome.


    Elizabeth Taylor departing for Madrid on the TWA Constellation, September 1953.


    In 1962 Richard Burton took a day's leave from shooting "Cleopatra"
    to travel to...

  • KEL1ST: Custom Like You

    Tuesday Dec 30 2014



    KEL / Photograph by Henry Chalfant




    Randy “KEL1ST” Rodriguez is an original, a pioneer, an innovator from the old school. He began writing his name on the trains before mastering the letterform and transforming two dimensions into three, as he has created KEL1ST Jewels: Custom Like You, a line of jewelry and accessories that use the letterform as artwork. His clients include everyone from Madonna and Mariah Carey to Debi Mazar and Afrika...

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