• Nikita Polyansky: The Sleeping Beauty

    Tuesday Dec 23 2014








    Sleeping Beauty is a classic fairy tale involving a beautiful princess, a sleeping enchantment, and a handsome prince. The version collected by the Brothers Grimm was an orally transmitted version of the original literary tale by Charles Perrault published in 1697. Yet the story is much older than that, dating back to 1330-44 when it was composed for Perceforest, a...

  • Jennifer Uman: The Story of Jemmy Button

    Tuesday Dec 16 2014





    Orundelllco, known as “Jemmy Button” (c. 1815-1864) was a native from the islands of Tierra del Fuego, in modern Chile and Argentina. In 1830, Captain Robert FitzRoy took him hostage in a larger group, then purchased him for with a mother of pearl button, hence his name. Jemmy Button was taken to England, where he became a local celebrity and met...

  • Document Journal: Where Fashion Meets Art

    Tuesday Dec 09 2014


     Stella Tennant by Mario Testino. Fashion Editor James Valeri.



     Binx by Roe Ethridge. Fashion Editor Robbie Spencer.



    Saskia by Collier Schorr. Fashion Editor James Valeri.


    Tom of Finland by Peter Marino.



    DAria by Richard Price. Fashion Editor James Valeri.


    Document. What...

  • Nelson Bloncourt: Fanny the Flying French Bulldog

    Tuesday Nov 25 2014

    Fanny by Jacqueline Probert


    Nelson Bloncourt & Fanny





    Once upon a time there was a dog named Fanny. A French bulldog who was known on the streets of San Francisco. She was companion to Nelson Bloncourt and together they lived in the hills. As time went on Fanny became Bloncourt’s muse, inspiring the publication...

  • townhouse.bz: Give Joy

    Tuesday Nov 18 2014

    "Give Joy" at Guild Green, Brooklyn




    An Aldo Tura ice bucket on an Aldo Tura presentation table.
    Both covered in dyed parchment (goatskin). Aldo Tura’s parchment dyes are unmatched today.
    The Kay Bogensen penguin has an articulated neck and the grain of the wood is incorporated into the sleek form of the bird.



    1953 Knoll chair with a Bitossi (Italian) ceramic floor lamp and a biomorphic wood sculpture (artist unknown)....

  • Bettie Bearden Pardee: Living Newport

    Tuesday Nov 11 2014







    Newport, Rhode Island—celebrated for its stunning seascapes, famous mansions, Jazz Festival, annual Flower Show, and world-class sailing—is 375 years old, making it one of the oldest cities in the United States. What makes this majestic town all the more striking today is its reverence for history and its preservation of the past, not as...

  • Kasher|Potamkin: The Space Between Us

    Wednesday Oct 22 2014

    Andi Potamkin and Steven Kasher, photograph by Jake Chessum


    Vee Speers, Isabelle, 2004, Fresson print, 17 x 14 in, Edition of 10
    Courtesy of Kasher|Potamkin


    Jessica Harrison, Martha, 2014 Found ceramic, epoxy resin, enamel paint, acrylic varnish,
    8 11/24x 43 5/48x 5 1/10in, Unique
    Courtesy of Kasher|Potamkin



    Biata Roytburd, One, 2013 Porcelain, 3 5/10x 3 5/10x 9 5/10in, Unique
    Biata Roytburd, Two, 2013, Porcelain, 4 x 3 x 7 in, Unique

  • Pedro Paricio: Shaman

    Tuesday Oct 14 2014


    The Golden Player. Serie Diary of an artist, 2012. Acrylic on linen, 130x97 cm
    Courtesy Halcyon Gallery, London


    Bajo las estrellas
    / Under the Stars. Serie Canary Paradise, 2008 . Acrylic on linen, 195 x 130 cm
    Courtesy Halcyon Gallery, London

  • Mai Lucas: The Starter

    Tuesday Sep 23 2014







    Mai Lucas is an independent spirit that travels the globe in search of the beauty of every day life. She is drawn to the people whose souls live and breathe on the streets we cruise and the sidewalks we strut. For more than twenty years, Lucas has been documenting the look of urban style as it finds itself moving from...

  • Johnny Rozsa: Untouched

    Tuesday Sep 16 2014

    Robert Mitchum

    Natasha Richardson

    Holly Woodlawn

    Tilda Swinton

    Debbie Harry

    Manolo Blahnik
  • La Petite Mort: This is New York

    Tuesday Sep 09 2014







    Osvaldo Jiminez and Kara Mullins are the founders of La Petite Mort, a vintage boutique on the Lower East Side that reminds one of nothing so much as New York. Dedicated to the spirit of the 1980s and 90s, La Petite Mort reminds...

  • Maripol: Love Each Other

    Tuesday Sep 02 2014





    Full of hands
    Of caresses
    I long
    I touch
    We love
    We sense.
    —From “Feerie” by Maripol
    Maripola X


    Polaroids and poems. Piles of jewels. Clothing lines and pop-up stores. These are a few of my favorite things. Come together in...

  • Paul Zone: Playground

    Tuesday Aug 26 2014

    While most teenagers daydreamed of summer break while playing records in their bedrooms, fourteen-year-old Paul Zone spent his youth immersed in the New York underground, exploring the concrete playground with actors, drag queens, and drug addicts. The mid-1970s was a time when the death of Glam and the birth of Punk collided in a celebration of glitter and grime, and Zone had a front-row seat to it...

  • April Flores: Fat Girl

    Tuesday Aug 19 2014



    Sugar and spice and all things nice, like glitter and gold, sparkle and shine and delight, like lip gloss and candy-colored purses with matching shoes and perfume that smells like spring, like flowers in bloom. All things femme, feminine, sexy, sex,...

  • Joie Iacono: Muse-ical Frisson

    Tuesday Aug 12 2014



    Joie Iacono is a diamond, polished to shine, reflecting, refracting, and bending light at she desires. A photographer, painter, designer, director, DJ, and collaborator, Iacono is a many-faceted gem who best embodies the phrase, “I am every woman.” She first picked up a camera at the age of eight and turned the lens upon herself, becoming both artist and model in each frame.

    Iacono reveals, “My work is diaristic; I am always pulling...

  • Debra Shriver: Stealing Magnolias

    Tuesday Jul 29 2014


    Debra Shriver, a 12th generation Southerner, Francophile, passionate preservationist and jazz devotee, is the author of two books on New Orleans: Stealing Magnolias: Tales from a New Orleans Courtyard (Glitterati Incorporated) and In the Spirit of New Orleans (Assouline). Although she is an inveterate New Yorker, living and working as a media executive here in the city, her heart belongs to New Orleans.

    Shriver recalls, “Creating both books was a labor of love....

  • Guzman: Geoffrey Beene

    Tuesday Jul 22 2014


    “We thrive on confusion, on not being pinned down. You should not have to be the same person you were five minutes ago,” Connie Hanson says, sharing of a point of view that has endowed Guzman with a wit and a joie de vivre. Guzman itself embodies the Dada charm of the absurd, as the husband/wife team of Russell Peacock and Ms. Hanson let it be known that Guzman had a back story....

  • Freddie Leiba: An Extra Heartbeat

    Tuesday Jul 15 2014


    Freddie Leiba is the embodiment of elegance. He is at once both very cool, and warm. His lyrical voice soothes and charms. Once seated in his resplendent abode in midtown Manhattan, Mr. Leiba begins to reflect on the early days, and how they laid the path to a life in fashion, photography, and style that is undeniably glamorous. His vision has been seen on some of the most beautiful women of our time, from Iman...

  • Kevin Davies: Philip Treacy

    Tuesday Jul 08 2014


    Photographer and subject have a distinct relationship that is based on the sharing of ideas in mutual exploration of that which does not yet exist until the two come together to bring...

  • Valentina Ilardi Martin: Madame Grey

    Tuesday Jul 01 2014


    Valentina Ilardi Martin, portrait courtesy of Citizen Couture

    Valentina Ilardi Martin is the Editor in Chief of GREY Magazine, a sumptuous compendium of fashion photography, fiction and poetry that has been published in a hardcover periodical every spring and every fall since 2009 featuring photographs by Nobuyoshi Araki, William Eggleston, Nan Goldin, Sarah Moon, Martin Parr, Robert Polidori, and Ellen von Unwerth among many more.