• Adriana Teresa and Graham Letorney: Visura.co

    Friday Jul 31 2015

    Julia Cybularz


    Matt Propert


    Cassandra Giraldo


    Antonio Pulgarín

    Founded by Adriana Teresa and Graham Letorney, Visura.co is an international networking platform for the photography and media industries' key players to connect, share and network. Formerly known as fotovisura.com, Visura.co provides its members access to resources and marketing tools to to further their work, missions, and careers.

    Two of...

  • Lukas Birk: Kafkanistan

    Friday Jul 24 2015





    In the summer of 2005, a visual artist and an anthropologist teamed up for an unusual journey. Lukas Birk (under the alias “Smiley Wallah”) and Sean Foley (under the alias “Kartunwallah”) ventured into Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran as tourists. This new type of ‘tourism’—one mixed with journalistic ambitions—allowed the pair to experience the countries, their people, and their cultures for themselves.

    Birk and Foley spent many months travelling through Afghanistan and neighboring countries trying...

  • Sarah C. Butler: Portrait of Maine Island

    Friday Jul 17 2015

    Lupine, view northwest, up Somes Sound, June 2008


    Jane Hague, July 2005


    Tim Murphy and Piper, July 2008


    Seth Milliken, Sunday Times, June 2005

    Celebrated portrait photographer August Sander observed, “People are not simply what they are but rather are engaged in a continuing process of creating and projecting themselves.” It is for this reason that the portrait photographer’s work speaks so vividly to us. We may observe their work, a...

  • Michael Clinton: Closer

    Friday Jul 03 2015

    Jaipur, India


    St. Petersburg, Russia


    Above the Arctic Circle, Norway


    Buenos Aires, Argentina




    Not only is Michael Clinton the President, Marketing and Publishing Director for Hearst Magazines, he is a globetrotter, accomplished photographer, and prolific author. Closer: Seeing the World in Details (Glitterati Incorporated) is Clinton’s seventh travel book, and, like the others, it is...

  • Reg Grundy: Mother and Child

    Friday Jun 26 2015






    Reg Grundy is a key figure in the history of television, known in his native Australia and around the world for his successes as a producer and entrepreneur. Fewer are familiar with Grundy’s photographic talents, which were first recognized and emboldened by his friend, legendary celebrity photographer, Douglas Kirkland. Culled from more than four decades of archived photographs, Mother and Child: Wildlife...

  • Through Irish Eyes: A Visual Companion to Angela McCourt’s Ireland

    Friday May 29 2015





    Angela’s Ashes is one of the greatest memoirs of our age, as author Frank McCourt recounts a childhood of poverty and pain in Limerick, Ireland, during the 1930s and 40s. Since its release in 1996, this bittersweet book has struck a chord with people worldwide, through an extraordinary telling that allowed readers to create their own visual representation of the places and events as described by the...

  • Guzman: Newark in the 1970s

    Friday Apr 24 2015





    Newark in the 1970s was synonymous with urban despair. The riots of 1967, sparked by television news broadcasts of a clash between African Americans and police in the Fourth Ward, left the city in shambles with 26 dead; 15,00 wounded; 1,600 arrested, and $10 million in property damages. More than a thousand businesses were torched or looted, including 167 groceries, most of which would never reopen. Newark’s reputation...

  • The AIPAD Photography Show New York

    Friday Apr 17 2015

    René Peña, Black Shoes, 2007. Archival pigment print, 61 x 80 cm
    © René Peña, courtesy Robert Mann Gallery, New York


    Nina Korhonen, Surfers, Kochi Prefecture, Japan, 2014
    Archival pigment print. Courtesy Lee Marks Fine Art, Shelbyville, IN


    Luis González Palma, Mobius (untitled), 2014
    Photograph on canvas with acrylic paint, 12 x 12 inches
    Courtesy Lisa Sette Gallery, Phoenix


    Whitney Curtis, A man raises his hands in the air in front of a row of
    St. Louis County police armored personnel carriers, Ferguson, Missouri, 
    Aug. 11, 2014.
    Archival pigment print, 16 x 20 inches.
    © Whitney Curtis, Courtesy Monroe Gallery of...

  • Hip-Hop Revolution: Martha Cooper. Joe Conzo, and Janette Beckman

    Friday Apr 10 2015

    JDL and Grandmaster Caz at Club Negril, 1981.
    Photograph by Joe Conzo.


    Almighty KG of the Cold Crush Brothers at Harlem World, 1981.
    Photograph by Joe Conzo.


    Little Crazy Legs strikes an impromptu pose during Wild Style shoot, Riverside Park, 1983.
    Photograph by Martha Cooper.

    High Times Crew breaking outside police station, Washington Heights, Manhattan, 1980.
    Photograph by Martha Cooper


    JDL at Skatin’ Palace, 1981.
    Photograph by Joe Conzo.

    As time passes, history reveals itself in the...

  • Danny Clinch: Walls of Sound

    Friday Apr 03 2015

    Bruce Springsteen, 2005


    Tupac Shakur, 1993


    Neil Young, 2007

    The photographs of Danny Clinch combine a raw immediacy and elegance of composition that makes them unforgettable. Within each photograph is an eternal rhythm that flows when artists come together in the creation of art. Each photograph is a collaboration between photographer and subject that reverberates beyond the frame, drawing the viewer into the experience and making it come alive once again.

    The silence of the still image all but evaporates in “Walls of...

  • Three Photographers from the Bronx: Jules Aarons, Morton Broffman, and Joe Conzo

    Friday Mar 20 2015






    “Jules Aarons, Morton Broffman, and Joe Conzo belong to an illustrious tradition of photographers deeply aware of their moment and surroundings who actively engaged with their communities to present their relative histories, capturing moments of social activism, and inspiring change,” observes Sergio Bessa, Director of Curatorial and Education Programs at The Bronx Museum of the Arts, which is...

  • Sara Shamsavari: London Veil | Paris Veil | NYC Veil

    Friday Mar 13 2015






    The veil hides, just as it reveals, a deeper side of the woman beneath. It speaks without words, letting us know that she who wears the veil is a Muslimah. In celebration of these women who sparkle across the cityscapes of the world, Sara Shamsavari presents London Veil | Paris Veil | NYC Veil, a series of street...

  • Toby Old: Times Squared

    Friday Mar 06 2015





    For 25 years, Toby Old has had a photographic dialogue with Times Square--at different times of the day, in all lights, and during all seasons, with its multitude of events, parades, theater, sports, sex shops and industries. In the tradition of Weegee, Robert Frank, and Diane Arbus, Old’s photographs capture a strange and wonderful world. Drawn to the visually compelling and frenetic energy of the Crossroads of the World, Old has an inimitable way of...

  • Wyatt Gallery: Spiritual Sites

    Friday Feb 27 2015






    Wyatt Gallery, a person not a place, is an award-winning photographer who uses his photographs to raise awareness and support for communities damaged by natural disasters. His books, which include Tent Life: Haiti (Umbrage Editions) and #SANDY (Daylight Books) have provided Gallery with the opportunity to give back to the community in a positive and empowering form.

    The recipient of a Fulbright Fellowship to...

  • Janette Beckman: El Hoyo Maravilla

    Friday Feb 20 2015






    Janette Beckman spent the summer of 1983 in Los Angeles, staying in the home of a good friend who was then managing the pop group, The Go-Gos. While in town, she came across a newspaper piece on the East L.A. gang scene; the story had no photographs, so Beckman took to the streets to see for herself. Although she was warned against visiting the area by...

  • David Gulden: The Centre Cannot Hold

    Friday Feb 13 2015

    Giraffe bouquet. Masai MaraNational Reserve, Kenya, 2007.

    Two young marauding males flehmen responding
    (the action of testing females’ estrus cycles using the Jacobson’s Organ).
    Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya, 2002.

    Dead wood, Laikipia, Kenya, 2003.

     Captive crocodile. Langata, Kenya, 2005.

    Mother leopard takes a late-morning nap.
    Itong Hills, Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya, 2006.
  • Lisa Ross: Living Shrines of Uyghur China

    Friday Jan 30 2015

    Black Garden (an offering)


    Unrevealed, Site 4 (Colored “Cribs”), 2009


    Unrevealed, Site 3 (Ladder), 2009


    Unrevealed, Site 2 (Red Masthead), 2009


    Unrevealed, Site 3 (Footprints), 2009

    Though the Xinjiang region of Western China is a cultural crossroads of historic importance, scholars and journalists have often been denied access to the area since it was annexed by China in 1949. It is with great care, luck and determination that Lisa Ross was...

  • Joe Conzo: Latin Legends

    Friday Jan 23 2015

    Celia Cruz and Tito Puente, Lehman College, 1982.


    Joe Cuba and Charlie Palmier, Tito Puente Scholarship Gala, 1981.


    Eddie Palmieri, New York Casino, 1980.


    Tito Puente and Machito, 116th Street Old Timers Day, 1979.


    Ray Baretto, Beau's Restaurant, Bronx, 1984.


    Born and raised n the Bronx, Joe Conzo bore witness to the radical changes that affected his community during the...

  • Lukas Birk: Polaroids from the Middle Kingdom

    Friday Jan 16 2015





    An Austrian-born multimedia artist, explorer, and organizer, Luks Birk spent his late teens and early twenties as a journalist for Austrian and German media. Plagued by a sense of stagnation in his central European home, Birk relocated to Beijing, where he encountered a group of like-minded young creatives also aiming to craft their better selves through development of their own artistic work. Inspired by his new surroundings and friends, Birk endeavored to communicate his feeling...

  • Thom Gilbert: Soul: Memphis' Original Sound

    Friday Jan 09 2015

    B.B. King


    Jeanne Darling


    Willie Mitchell's Royal Studios


    Syl Johnson


    Mickey Gregory


    Memphis soul is the sound of Soulsville, USA. It is the sound of the South, of a shimmering, sultry style and an unstoppable force, which is the beating of the human heart in rhythm with the drums. It is the melodic sensation of horns playing in unison, of...

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