• Bastienne Schmidt: Topography of Quiet

    Friday Jan 02 2015

    Untitled, Mindmap, 2012, Mixed Media on Paper, 42x 86 inches


    Coils, Vietnam, 2004, C print, 30x30 inches


    Untitled, Mind Map, 2012, Mixed Media on Paper, 36x 60 inches


    Pyramid, C Print, Egypt, 2010


    Untitled, Mindmap, 2012, Mixed Media on Paper, 42x 86 inches

    In Topography of Quiet, mixed-media artist Bastienne Schmidt explores the subtle interaction between nature and imagination. Inspired by the beauty of natural patterns and typologies that she discovered on her extensive...

  • Robert Herman: Cartagena: A Waking Dream

    Friday Dec 26 2014









    The author of The New Yorkers, Robert Herman has been a street photographer since his days as an NYU film student back in the 1970s. From an archive of 25,000 images, Herman selected 82 photographs shot between 1978-2005 on Kodakchrome for his first monograph. The most remarkable thing in his look at a now-vintage New York...

  • Phillip Toledano: Provocative, Pristine & Profound

    Friday Dec 19 2014

    From Kim Jong Phil



    From Kim Jong Phil



    From Kim Jong Phil



    Days With My Father



    From Days With My Father


    James Baldwin wrote, “All art is a kind of confession, more or less oblique. All artists, if they...

  • Lilla Szasz: A Meditation of Self

    Friday Dec 12 2014












    Lilla Szasz uses her camera to explore the dark and shine a light on difficult subjects with kindness and grace. She does not shy away from the painful and the tragic, but neither...

  • Richard Sandler: Street Photographer

    Friday Dec 05 2014











    Street photographer Richard Sandler came into his own through a path that was as distinctive as his work. He shares his story and his photographs of dogs with The Click.

    Sandler observes, “I love dogs. From the day I started photography, I was always photographing...

  • Gail Buckland: A Life in Photography

    Friday Nov 28 2014









    Gail Buckland at the stadium built in Athens in 1896 for the modern Olpymics<
    Getting in the mood for her next book Who Shot Sports: A Photographic History 1843 to the Present


    Author. Educator. Curator. Gail Buckland’s life in photography is as vast as the medium itself, revealing a love that was born of a dream....

  • Glitterati Incorporated: The Art of Illustrated Book Publishing

    Friday Nov 21 2014

    Marta Hallett and Princess Alfrieda.
    Photograph by Douglas Kirkland.


    Don Bachardy, author of Hollywood.
    Photograph by Mark Ruffalo.


    Photographers Harry Benson, Douglas Kirkland, and Jean-Pierre Laffont
    at the launch of Photographer's Paradise: Turbulent America 1960-1990.
    Photograph by Benjamin Petit.


    Calvin Klein and author Christopher Makos.
    Photograph by Evan Falk.


    Paul Zone's Playground: Growing Up in the New York Underground
    launch party and exhibition at Lethal Amounts, Los...

  • Daniel Cooney Fine Art: From the Heart

    Friday Nov 14 2014









    Daniel Cooney Fine Art opened in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in August 2003 before relocating to Chelsea in June 2004. The gallery, which specializes in showing artists such as Nir Arieli, Benjamin Fredrickson and Joseph Maida and Scot Sothern, also conducts fine art auctions online presented by iGavelAuctions.com featuring works by Walker Evans, Peter Hujar, Robert Mapplethorpe, Richard Avedon,...

  • Meryl Meisler: A Tale of Two Cities

    Friday Oct 24 2014








    It was the best of times; it as the worst of times. New York City in the 1970s was a world unto itself, a world that was both burdened by poverty and government neglect, and burgeoning with culture and art. For many who lived through this time, it was something more than that. It was a time before AIDS. A...

  • The 2014 Lucie Awards

    Friday Oct 17 2014

    Cartier-Bresson. Photograph by Jane Bown


    Bacon in Studio. Photograph by Jane Bown


    Jimmy Paulette and Tabboo! in the bathroom, NYC, 1991. Photograph by Nan Goldin


    Nan after being battered, 1984. Photograph by Nan Goldin


    A Broad And Expansive Sky. Photograph by Carrie Mae Weems


    Untitled (Man and Mirror). Photograph by Carrie Mae Weems



  • Boza Ivanovic: Out of the Wild

    Friday Oct 10 2014






    It is the photograph that has introduced the world to art in the age of reproduction, the copy becoming the way in which we understand the original. And so it is that the photograph is the means to literally objectify our world. We gaze upon photographs as a means to travel beyond our limited scope...

  • Howard Schatz: Caught in the Act

    Friday Sep 26 2014

    Michael Douglas


    Sonja Sohn



    Tracy Morgan


    Sissy Spacek


    The craft of acting is not what is seems. The actor is charged with a sleight of hand, so to speak. They must so embody their role that they cease to exist, and what remains is merely...

  • Sean Corcoran: City as Canvas

    Friday Sep 19 2014

    Artwork by Chris "Daze" Ellis. Photograph by Liz Ligon.

    Artwork by Lady Pink. Photograph by Liz Ligon.

    Howard the Duck Handball Court photograph by Charlie Ahearn.
    A photograph of friend Lee Quiñones’ massive 1978 handball court mural,
    created 10 years earlier and since destroyed, at Corlears Junior High School on Manhattan’s Lower East Side.     

    DUMP KOCH painted by Spin, photograph by Martha Cooper, 1982.
  • United Photo Industies: Photoville

    Friday Sep 12 2014

    From Za'atari by NOOR. Photo by Stanley Greene

    From We Live in Brooklyn Baby.Photo by Nema Etebar

    Liberian Fighter.From Testament. Photo by Chris Hondrus/Getty Images

    From Head On Photo Festival. Photo by Nicole Welles

    From Broken Screen. Photo by Gaia Squarci

    From Fearless Genius- The Digital Revolution in Silicon Valley 1985-2000.
    Photo by Doug Menuez


    United Photo Industries is a labor of love: love for the...

  • Rafael Fuchs: 100 Polaroids

    Thursday Sep 04 2014

    Burt Reynolds



    Heather Graham

    J.K. Rowling


    Tony Bennett


    Will Ferrell


    Located in Bushwick, Brooklyn, Fuchs Projects was founded by Rafael Fuchs in 2012. As Fuchs observes. “Bushwick, the way I see it, is a place where people do things. When I first arrived here, I was fascinated by the fact that I don’t have...

  • FotoVisura: A Love Story

    Friday Aug 29 2014

    Graham Letorney
    “Pontiac’s Rebellion” from the series "Free Radicles", 2011. Photo by Grant Worth, FotoVisura-Member

    Adriana Teresa Letorney
    “Piece OFF Rights" from the series "Free Radicles", 2011. Photo by Grant Worth, FotoVisura-Member


    When you work with people, 40, 60, 80 hours a week you become something of a family, probably because there...

  • Mint&Serf: Never Too Young

    Friday Aug 22 2014


    For twenty years, “Law & Order” ruled the television airwaves, broadcasting stories ripped from the headlines into the privacy of our living rooms. From 1990-2010, the show brought the darkness of New York’s criminal world to the light. What made the show successful was the way it refused to turn away, but instead moved into murky waters in every episode. For some, truth was found in the details. Talented location scout purposely chose graffiti-laden settings as backdrops upon...

  • Dennis Busch: Metaphysical Bomber

    Friday Aug 15 2014

    Untitled, 2014

    Untitled, 2014

    Untitled, 2014

    Girl, 2013

    Stars, 2014

    Smoking Cat, 2014

    Dennis Busch works in Germany, making his own brand of readymade photography, cutting and collaging and writing charmingly rude messages in white paint over many of the images. He constructs his images from photographs, revising our references until each work circles in on itself like...

  • Harvey Stein: Coney Island

    Friday Aug 08 2014

    Woman with Downcast Eyes, 2008 ©Harvey Stein 2011

    The Hug; Eyes Closed and Smile, 1982 ©Harvey Stein 2011

    Smiling Woman, 2009 ©Harvey Stein 2011

    Twirling a Hula-Hoop, 2007 ©Harvey Stein 2011

    Woman in Striped Shirt, 1982 ©Harvey Stein 2011

    Coney Island is a world unto itself. It is a time and place that exists independent of everything else. Situated where South Brooklyn meets the Atlantic Ocean, it is an urban fantasy of beachfront life. It is equal parts...

  • Bill Mindlin: A Silver Anniversary

    Friday Aug 01 2014


    The staff of Photograph: Anthony, Bill, Fabio, Jean, Maggie, Mary Ann. Photo: Anthony Beale

    On this, the 25th anniversary of photograph magazine (originally Photography In New York), The Click sat down with publisher Bill Mindlin to speak about the little magazine that could — and did — become a national treasure, the only publication of its ilk. The magazine, which features columns by Lyle Rexer, Vince Aletti, Jean Dykstra, Elisabeth Biondi, and Sarah Schmerler, among others, has become a mainstay among photography...