• Steven P. Harrington & Jaime Rojo: Brooklyn Street Art

    Friday Jul 25 2014

    JR / Photo © Jaime Rojo/BrooklynStreetArt.com

    Judith Supine / Photo © Jaime Rojo/BrooklynStreetArt.com

    Os Gemeos & Futura / Photo © Jaime Rojo/BrooklynStreetArt.com

    REVS / Photo © Jaime Rojo/BrooklynStreetArt.com

    ROA / Photo © Jaime Rojo/BrooklynStreetArt.com


  • Ziggi Golding: Zphotographic

    Friday Jul 18 2014

    Juergen Teller: The Face, 1989

    Model Emma Campbell: Caharel by Sarah Moon

    Charlotte Rutherford

    Ziggi Golding: Model card

    Juergen Teller: Eternity campaign


    For the past three decades, Ziggi Golding has set the bar for a standard of originality and creativity in the fine art and commercial photography worlds. She is devoted to cultivating talent and style within her roster of artists. As...

  • Douglas Mayhew: Inside the Favelas: Rio de Janeiro

    Friday Jul 11 2014


    Complexo do Caju 
    Manguinos - translation from the top banner: State government: Don't oppress us!
    2nd banner: In times of need, we are expelled
    3re: Don't remove us! (essentially the sentiment)
    4th: The Copa and the Olympics should not be financed by our pain!


  • W.M. Hunt: A Three-Ring Circus Comes to Arles

    Thursday Jul 03 2014

    Central Studios & Fred Hess, Inner City Beauties, Atlantic City 1935

    Kelty, E.J., Hunt's 3 Ring Circus 1921

    Central Studios & Fred Hess, Inner City Beauties, Atlantic City 1935

    W.M. Hunt is renovating his Upper Westside apartment. We stroll through the rooms, perusing the collection of art that exists in two dimensions and in three. Everything appears to be as he describes a photography collection to be: "I like pictures that are incredibly orderly and incredibly chaotic." This effect is echoed in the...

  • Calvin Reid: View from the Hilltop

    Friday Jun 27 2014


    Photograph by Jody Culkin

    Photo by Marcia Wilson/Widevision Photography

    Photograph by Troy Johnson

    Calvin Reid interviewing Junot Diaz, photograph by Jody Culkin

    When I began my career as a book publicist, Calvin Reid was the first journalist I met in person. His warmth and wit, his disarming charm, and his knowledge of the...

  • Jim Jocoy: On Safari in Beverly Hills

    Friday Jun 20 2014



    It was a Saturday evening in May 2003. The place: Robert Evans Beverly Hills home and estate. The occasion: Brett Ratner's forthcoming book Hilhaven Lodge was being showcased during Book Expo America by powerHouse Books. The crowd included Jeff Bridges, Sean Combs, Ashton Kutcher, and Joel Grey. Patrick McMullan was taking photographs. Tanqueray martinis were being served. But all of that happened later in the evening—after the surprise guest had arrived.

    As photographer Jim Jocoy remembers, “It was exciting from...

  • Elisabeth Biondi: Beyond Words

    Friday Jun 13 2014

    The New Yorker. Photograph by Enrico Bossan

    The New Yorker: Office Wall

    Goodbye Dinner With New Yorker Photographers. Photograph by Joseph M. McCarthy

    We meet Elisabeth Biondi in her home in New York, the walls lined with photographs and books. At her feet is Boris, a charismatic companion of long fur and short legs who keeps himself entertained with a green ball and an unswerving dedication to play. As Ms. Biondi relaxes into a chair, it becomes evident that the life she has crafted in...

  • Stephen Mayes: The Scenic Route

    Friday Jun 06 2014

    Stephen Mayes' partner Damon surveys Manhattan from the roof of their building, July 2010.

    Pagetti senior races Stanmeyer junior at VII members' meeting, November 2010.


    Medical selfie, January 2010.

    VII members' meeting Massachusetts September 2011:
    Joachim Ladefoged, Ron Haviv, Marcus Bleasdale, Ed Kashi.

    A surreal moment at World Press Photo competition as
    Mary Anne Golon leads the jury through the final...

  • David Gonzalez: Coming Full Circle on the Side Street

    Friday May 30 2014

    David Gonzalez is a journalist at The New York Times. Currently the co-editor of the Lens blog, he also has a biweekly column titled “Side Street” that runs in the Metro Section. As a long-time member of the Metro desk, he frequently local issues affecting the city’s neighborhoods and explores how they reflect the larger social and cultural issues facing American society today.

    Winner of a 20008 Distinguished Writing Award from the American...

  • Miller Gallery: Cincinnati’s Finest

    Friday May 23 2014

    Founded in 1960, the Miller Gallery is Cincinnati’s oldest art gallery. It began as a way to bring a love of art to the community. Laura Miller Gleason remembers, "My mom started the gallery when I was going off to kindergarten, and my father joined the gallery when I was nine. It's always been a part of my life. I remember going to the galley after school to do homework and when I learned how to cook, I took on managing the house. The gallery is...

  • Gorenjski tisk storitve: Artisans at Work

    Friday May 16 2014



    With a tradition that extends back over 100 years, Gorenjski tisk storitve (GTS) is an internationally renowned Slovenian printing and binding company. Generations of masters in high-quality printing and finishing have left their mark on millions of books in...

  • Vince Aletti: Curator, Collector, Writer Extraordinaire

    Friday May 09 2014

    Vince Aletti has a way with words, an ability to cast an image in your mind’s eye as he describes a moment caught forevermore, with the photographic precision of the medium about which he writes. Equal parts critic, reporter, and curator, Aletti’s prose is poetic, perceptive, and always a pleasure to read, beautifully complementing the experience of the photograph itself.

    The photograph has had a special place in Aletti’s life dating back to his childhood. He recalls, “My father was a camera club...

  • John Brancati: A Life in Books

    Friday May 02 2014

    John Brancati has been a fixture in illustrated books since he first began working at Rizzoli in 1970. At the time he was a sophomore at Columbia University. His father had gone to Rizzoli Bookstore to purchase an Italian/English dictionary. At the time, Mr. Monacelli (Monacelli Press) was the manager of the store, and the husband of Brancati’s piano teacher. Monacelli asked after his son. His father mentioned Brancati needed a job. Monacelli told him, “Tell John to get a haircut and come see me.” Brancati went...

  • Dustin Pittman: Hood by Air

    Friday Apr 18 2014


    Dustin Pittman began photographing the downtown New York fashion collective Hood by Air a year after they burst on the scene, sharpening the cutting edge, bringing together the realms of music, art, and style into a raw blend of city chic. Headed by Shayne Oliver, Hood by Air has become the one to watch, as everyone from the street to the front row are keeping an eye on...

  • Clayton Patterson: This is New York

    Friday Apr 11 2014

    Artist, activist, and author Clayton Patterson is the unofficial historian of New York’s Lower East Side. For over three decades he has lived in the neighborhood, establishing himself as fixture in the landscape that has been central to the development of New York’s underground scenes.

    He moved to New York in 1979, where he began working as an artist, creating paintings, prints, photography, and sculpture. He had his first exhibition that same year at the...

  • Anton Perich: True Revolutionary

    Friday Apr 04 2014

    Anton Perich is the underground, a man whose innovative brilliance shaped the course of American art for the last quarter of the twentieth century; he who invented the electric painting machine (an early predecessor to the inkjet printer) in 1977-1978 was also the man who introduced public access television (an early predecessor to reality TV) to New York City in 1973.

    Born in Dubrovnik, Croatia, Perich was in Paris from 1965-1970. He recalls,...

  • Arlene Gottfried: The Eternal Light

    Friday Mar 28 2014

    Arlene Gottfried is a force of nature, a whirlwind, a quiet storm of power, beauty, and strength. From her soul pours forth not only some of the most distinctive portraits but a voice... A voice that comes from deep, down inside the bone, from the marrow where blood is born and truth is known...

    A voice that vibrates with a force that tells of a spirit that transcends...

  • Eliane Laffont: Only in America

    Friday Mar 21 2014

    Manhattan, New York - Circa 1977. Eliane's Sygma office, located on 322 West 72nd Street, with a wall of different covers of magazine. Photograph taken by JP Laffont.

    Manhattan, New York - Circa 1980. Eliane Laffont at Sygma office, at 225 West 57st. Photograph by Douglas Kirkland.

    Brooklyn, New York, the summer of 1966. The ghettos of Brooklyn and the Bronx are considered the most dangerous areas of NYC.

  • Janette Beckman: From London to New York

    Wednesday Mar 12 2014


    London native Janette Beckman began her career at as a photographer at Melody Maker, a weekly British music paper, in 1977 where she was one of two women on staff. She recalls, “It wasn’t a problem that I was a woman. It was that I was an art student. They didn’t understand it. They were these older rock guys who loved Led Zeppelin, and wore...

  • Myriam Abdelaziz: After the Revolution Comes

    Friday Mar 07 2014

    A French photographer of Egyptian origins, Myriam Abdelaziz was born in Cairo, a city that would later be home to the Revolution of 25 of January in 2011. The Revolution was a diverse movement of demonstrations, marches, plaza occupations, riots, non-violent civil resistance, acts of civil disobedience, and labor strikes, with millions of protesters from all walks of life demanding the overthrow of the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

    Since that time, control of Egypt has gone back and forth...