• Michael McCollom: The Fashion Moment

    Friday Feb 28 2014

    The fashion moment is everything. It’s that je ne sais quoi that drives men and women to an image, a look, an energy that is expressed through style, through attitude and profile. The fashion moment is when the fates align and the image transcends and comes alive.

    Ohio-born designed Michael McCollom began his career in New York as design director of the ISAIA NYC collection and was named one of the “Designers...

  • Carlos Batts: In the Pit

    Friday Feb 21 2014

    Kool Keith, Hollywood

    Labtekwon, Hollywood

    Drit & Bank, Baltimore

    DJ Spooky, Hollywood

    Mos Def, Hollywood

    Dog Fashion Disco, Hollywood

    In 1989, Carlos Batts went to see Fugazi. It was his first time. He took his brand new Pentax K 1000 camera with him. Just 16 at the time, his destiny was clear. He was going to photograph the artists, the bands, the fans, the stage. He was going for his...

  • Adama Delphine Fawundu: Motherland

    Friday Feb 14 2014

    Born in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, in 1971, Adama Delphine Fawundu is the only first-generation American of her siblings. Her brother and sister were born in Freetown, Sierra Leone and lived there until 1975, when Fawundu and her mother returned to bring them to the United States.

    As Fawundu remembers, “My first trip to Freetown was when I was about four years old. I went with my mom. Strangely enough, I remember a few details about Freetown but not ever meeting my siblings for the...

  • Jamel Shabazz: The African American Day Parade

    Friday Feb 07 2014

    Quiet as kept, the annual African American Day Parade takes place in Harlem every second Sunday in September attracting nearly a million people every year. From the fire, police, and correction departments to the veterans associations and grand lodges, from the Boys and Girls Scouts to the fraternities and sororities, the step and drill teams, the African American Day Parade brings together a wide array of groups that do not necessarily share the same beliefs but put aside their differences to come together as one.

  • Roger Ballen | Die Antwoord: I Fink U Freeky

    Friday Jan 31 2014

    Die Antwood

    Culprit, 2006

    Room of the Ninja Turtles, 2003

    Imagine a photograph. Hold it close in your mind. Hold it in the space where you can feel and sense without ever speaking a word. Allow the image to vibrate, to express a rhythm all its own, to reveal within itself a sound, an energy that becomes expressed through the senses without ever being translated into words. That experience is known as synesthesia, meaning “union of senses”.

    It was...

  • Nat Finkelstein: A Fat Farm in Bolivia

    Friday Jan 24 2014



    Rick and I carried Pancho into Doctor Alverez’s Clinica. Pancho had turned purple by then, the basepipe still clutched firmly in his hands. The problem was, what with the spasms and all, Pancho couldn’t find his mouth, but was also hitting his forehead and spilling the Coke on the floor, and endangering the pipe itself. Pancho was bogeying the pipe, and so Rick and I were getting antsy waiting for our turn.

  • Eric Johnson: On The Road

    Friday Jan 17 2014

    “One’s period is when one is very young,” Diana Vreeland wrote in her memoirs, D.V., and in this way we can consider the way in which strong sensory experiences influence and shape our developing brains. For Eric Johnson, the combination of the car and the open road has been a motif that he has explored throughout his life in the form of the photograph.

    Born in Newark, New Jersey, Eric spent his formative years on...