A 21st Century Palace: Jerusalem
Geoffrey Bradfield


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A 21st Century Palace: Jerusalem offers readers a transporting, virtual tour through an exceptionally dazzling palace. In this volume, we find ourselves in Jerusalem. Few places on Earth have exuded more mystery and power than this deified ancient city. And even fewer designers possess the worldliness and talent to bring that mystery and power into the third dimension in ways that both consider its many millennia of astonishing history and also telegraph modernity as thoroughly fresh and modern as the current moment.

This magnificent book tells the story of a 20,000 square-foot penthouse in the old Palace Hotel, which is now the new Waldorf Astoria, in Jerusalem. Bradfield has created an unquestionably innovative interior, embracing both the ancient and modern, rich in imagination and garnished with Biblical reference. The palatial home is simply breathtaking with its exquisite design and panoramic views of the city. Bradfield’s designs complement the environs of the city while maintaining a modern design.

Bradfield now finds himself at the apex of his career, which is made evident in this gorgeous installment. As the Honorable John L. Loeb, former American Ambassador to Denmark writes in the foreword, “Bradfield’s rare talent has propelled him into the upper echelon of design…and places him amongst the few designers working in the world today who are truly global.”

Roric Tobin is Vice President of Geoffrey Bradfield. He is a graduate of Yale University.

The Honorable John L. Loeb, Jr., is a businessman, philanthropist, art collector, and former United States Ambassador to Denmark (1981–1983) and Delegate to the United Nations (1984). 

Jorge S. Arango is a writer, editor, and stylist specializing in interior design, art, and collecting.

ISBN 13: 978-0-9905320-4-0
256 pages; 11.8 x 9", hardcover
145 4/c photographs


Geoffrey Bradfield