Light X Design
Bentley Meeker


Pin It Fancy

Whether creating a beautiful setting for a small dinner for forty, a lavish celebration wedding in New York, or a temporary nightclub for a charity function, Bentley Meeker's commitment to ingenious, distinctive lighting design and top-quality execution keeps him at the pinnacle of his field.

Not just for technology buffs, Meeker's designs are absolutely inspirational and create unique experiences for everyone attending his events. Light X Design includes practical, universal techniques for both novice and expert, including ideas for intelligent lighting fixtures, spotlights, architecture, and lighting people with color to illuminate them at their best.

This book is sure to transform every reader's concept of the importance of light and the extraordinary effects that can be created with it.

ISBN: 978-0-9823799-0-5
160 pages; 11 x 14"; hardcover;
225 4/c photos


Bentley Meeker