Fanny the Flying French Bulldog
Nelson Bloncourt


Pin It Fancy

Illustrated by Nikita Polayansky.

Fanny is a French bulldog with big ears and an even bigger heart. She loves her human dad but she misses her mother. When her longing leaves her ears flapping she finds herself in the skies and on an adventure, over San Francisco and in a fanciful circus, and hopefully all the way to her mother—and home again.  A heartwarming tale about family and home—and soaring with love—Fanny the Flying French Bulldog will charm children, adults, and pups, too. Anticipated to be the first in a “Fanny” series with a strong lead character, akin to the lovable pup “Henley” (of Glitterati Incorporated fame), this book is festooned with gorgeous original illustrations by illustrator Nikita Polyansky (Sleeping Beauty) and a deluxe presentation in four-color with a ribbon marker and two gatefolds.

ISBN: 978-0-9851696-3-3
40 pages; 9 x 11" jacketed hardcover with 1 gatefold
and ribbon marker; 55 4/c illustrations


Nelson Bloncourt
Nikita Polyansky