Maahvelous!: Princess Puut and Dali Do Venice
Scott Chambliss


Pin It Fancy

Note by Jennifer Garner.

Princess Puut is a Glamour Gal who's lost her grip.

Puut is the fantastically wicked, witty, and fun-loving brainchild of Emmy Award-winning production designer, Scott Chambliss. Reeling from the stunning blow that she's been thrown off the television cablewaves, the former Maahvelous Infomercial Superstar and current Wandering Has-Been has a peculiar dream.

As a result, she enlists the company and comfort of her smart, sexy confidant Dali on a journey of scandal, style, and self-discovery that plops them in the heart of romantic, implausible Venice, Italy -- minus the smell.

ISBN: 978-0-9721152-9-2
48 pages; 10 x 10"; boardbook w/acetate bellyband jacket


Scott Chambliss