My Dolce Vita
Jean Govoni Salvadore


Pin It Fancy

Foreword by Pamela Fiori.

When 17-year-old Giovanna Govoni welcomed the allied troops into Rome on June 5, 1944, never did she imagine that she was opening a door to an illustrious adventure filled with glamour and excitement. Along the way, she rubbed shoulders with luminaries ranging from American army generals to international movie stars to corporate magnates, and when Stan "the Donut Man" overheard her speaking perfect English to her mother at the head of the column led by General Mark Clark and the Fifth Army, her life changed even more drastically.

In My Dolce Vita, Salvadore reveals that she was cosmopolitan before the word had any meaning. Born in France and educated in England, she returned to her native Italy during World War II and chronicles her teenage school days there in her memoir. Salvadore also describes her exciting years as the first female public relations executive in Italy for TWA and Howard Hughes, and her more than four glamorous decades as the PR legend of Villa d'Este on Lake Como.

Organized into three parts, replete with four 32-page photo inserts that illustrate the past to the present, the memoir not only spans eight decades, but also allows eraders to rub shoulders with people of distinction and interest -- Queen Elizabeth, Jacqueline Kennedy, Eddie Fisher, Ava Gardner, Richard Burton, Joseph Heller, and Dirk Bogarde, to name a few. Salvadore proves that her vita has indeed been quite dolce.

ISBN: 978-0-9823799-2-9
160 pages; 6 1/2 x 9 1/4"; hardcover w/photo inserts;
75 4/c and b/w photos


Jean Govoni Salvadore