Closer: See The World in Details

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"Mr. Clinton, whose sixth book of photographs, “Closer: Seeing the World in Details,” will be published this month by Glitterati ($25), describes photography as “an über-hobby.” The images in “Closer” allow him to focus on the little things that give a culture its character: the way eggs are displayed in cellophane bags in a market in Laos, the candles dripping wax in a candelabrum in Puglia, Italy."

"I thoroughly enjoy a photograph that shows an incredible panoramic view, but there's also something to treasure in looking closely at the little things...the details that are all around us. When we allow ourselves to slow down and take in the small details that are there all the time, just waiting to give us a richer, deeper experience of a place and time, I think that our experience as human beings is heightened."

"Clinton's up close and personal images in this publication are thrilling to me. The view through a fine photographers lens brings us stunning beauty that is often overlooked in everyday life."

"The photography in this book is rich and comprehensive.  We can’t all travel to exotic places, but we can cherish and reveal through our imagery the joyous things that enrich our lives.  Mr. Clinton work is beautiful and inspires one to photograph the things that fill our space with gusto."

"Michael is a world-class traveler; a pilot; he's an author; he's a serious runner; he's got a vineyard in Argentina, and a real estate mogul."