Global Remains: Abandoned Architecture and Objects from 7 Continents

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The following is an excerpt from Global Remains: Abandoned Architecture and Objects from Seven Continents by Michael Clinton, out now from Glitterati: "I loved flying from an early age. At 10 years old, I took my first flight to visit family in New York City, and from that moment on I was hooked. I have even fed my obsession by becoming a private pilot, so that I can have the personal experience of what it means to fly."
"Not only is Michael Clinton the President, Chief Marketing Officer and Publishing Director for Hearst Magazines, he is a globetrotter and an accomplished photographer. It is the latter passion that has led him to travel the world for his Global trilogy. Clinton’s third and final installment, Global Remains is much like its predecessors — Global Snaps (2005) and Global Faces (2007) — in that each book is a fascinating survey of people, places and things which may go unnoticed until someone with a trained eye senses their alluring quality."
"The book title speaks for itself, and the photos, uncaptioned as they are, do too. Any reader with even a modicum of imagination can weave their own stories around them. Other than a half-page introduction to each of the seven chapters, and an overall introduction to the book by the author, there is no other narrative to connect the dots. The theme is impermanence; no matter when and where, it is a universal condition. Entropy reigns supreme, seeking to return that which is, in this case, assembled to its disassembled state."