Henley on Safari

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"The first 'Henley' book was about loyalty and the second 'Henley' book is about finding your own voice," says Muszynski, whose dog, Facey, will accompany her at the event. "They're really fun books, and they have all kinds of interactive elements, including maps and lift-flap functions.”
"Author and artist, Julie Muszynski, recently took some time to chat with me about her Henley series of children’s books and her creative process. As you will read, Julie’s approach to illustration is very unique! Julie is quite inspiring for all artists who have struggled over the years–artists who have a vision, but not always the means to bring it to life. Some things I have learned from Julie are…one should never give up on dreams, four-legged friends make the best companions, and just like Henley–you never know what exciting adventures life has next in store for you!"