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"In order to appreciate the pedigree of “Knitologie,” a new book about personalizing knitted garments with monograms, it helps to know that Lucy Main Tweet, the author, was a senior vice president of Talbot’s. She was a major player in the fashion world for many years, having worked for Evan Picone, J. Crew and Bernard Claus as well as Talbot’s. But when I realized she’d been a Talbot’s executive, I understood immediately what her style is and why she wanted to do a book about personalized accessories."
"Lucy Main Tweet is the author of "Knitologie", creating personal heirloom knits as simply as casting on and casting off. This book is a combination of her passion for needlepoint and her love of knitting."
"The author had worked in fashion for such companies as Talbots, Evan Picone, J. Crew, and Bernard Chaus. After retiring she was looking for a new hobby to take up — she had done needlepoint throughout her working life. At her mother’s suggestion, she took up knitting. At the very start she admits that she is a novice knitter."
"One of the only books focused on monogramming, and first in a series of six craft books by former Talbots senior executive on knitting for all levels of competency to make elegant items. The subject of this book is projects that are personalized through monogramming. Lucy Main Tweet had two major influences in life: extensive experience in the fashion industry and her childhood memories when she first learned to knit. Now she has combined both of her passions into Knitologie."