Mother and Child

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"Mother and Child: Wildlife Photography is a breath-taking collection of photographs across boundaries of nations and species. A tribute to life and love in its purest form."

"This artistically displayed book of close-up images not only makes a nice conversational book on a coffee table, but it also would be an excellent teaching tool for young children as a “show and tell” in a classroom or library setting where young ones can learn about mother and baby animals in the wild."

"The relationship between mother and child is special whether it is in the human world or in the animal kingdom.  Capturing that magnetic link between mother and child in a still image can be difficult, but Mr. Grundy has done just that.  He has photographed in all corners of the planet and in this book there is a wide assortment of images of mother and child with birds and mammals of all sizes. This book is a treasure.  The photographs are lovely and they capture those special moments."

"The incomparably strong relationship between mother + child is one that can simply be demonstrated between how the mother protects + cares for her child. This, in turn, lead to the creation of ‘Mother and Child: Wildlife Photography’ by Reg Grundy, published by Glitterati Incorporated. Considered a dedication to the resilient animal mothers of this planet + their amazing offspring, Gundy’s goal was to capture, through his lens, the essence of this critical + protective bond."