Rubbing Shoulders: My Life with Popes, Princes, Moguls, and Movie Stars

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"Rosen has also been fortunate enough to cross paths with many interesting people. So many, in fact, that he’s recently written a book about his encounters called Rubbing Shoulders. “It’s kind of a fun summer-reading book,” he says. “Most of the stories I just enjoyed reading out loud. The real challenge was to sustain my voice, but I tried to write it through the eyes of someone who had a bit of wonderment.” 

"Rubbing Shoulders is not a conventional memoir, it is a drive-by shooting—a smart  and sassy compilation of insights into famous people we thought we knew."

"Acclaimed designer and founder of Pret-a-Porter Marc Rosen shares memories of an extraordinary life lived among a glittering social set and stories of his encounters with the great beauties, talents, and personalities of the last 50 years."

"For three decades, celebrities and other public figures flocked to Arlene Dahl and Marc Rosen’s weekend home in Sparkill. Dahl, the flame-haired film star of the 1940s and 1950s, and Rosen, 18 years her junior, wed in 1984. Rosen’s recollections from that era are recounted in this memoir."