Submissions Program

Submissions Policy for Review and Publication by Glitterati

As one of the premier publishers of illustrated books, Glitterati receives numerous unsolicited submissions and hopes to be able to provide a valuable service to aspiring photographers, artists, graphic designers and book packagers.  The categories of particular strength for us are illustrated nonfiction:  photography and art subjects.  Please see our full catalog to get a sense of the kinds of books that may be suitable for our list, before making your submission.

We request a submission fee of $250 (payable by check to Glitterati Incorporated, or via paypal to for review and comment on any submission that is unsolicited.  Once the fee has been paid, we will contact you to let you know in what format to best to submit your materials—whether digitally or in hard copy format, and this will depend on what you have available to submit.  If it is a digital submission, we will ask that it be kept under 35 Mb; and of course we can be linked to your website.

Note that we do not publish any works of fiction or those of nonfiction that are not illustrated.  And please note that once you have made your submission and we have commented, there is no refund for the submission fee.

Thank you for thinking of Glitterati as a prospective publishing partner for your Work.  Please email us with any questions at