The Centre Cannot Hold

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"After spending the greater part of two decades in Kenya, wildlife photographer David Gulden has crafted a collection of awe-inspiring black-and-white landscapes, shockingly intimate animal portraits, and unbelievable action shots. While photographs constitute the majority of the book, there's a short essay by Gulden himself, as well as a forward by American novelist, Susan Minot. Both explain the themes and narrative within Gulden's book and vast body of work."

In this compilation of 15 years’ worth of photographic mastery, studying alongside the likes of Peter Beard, in The Centre Cannot Hold wildlife photographer David Gulden captures the incredible animals of Africa. Whether they be common or endangered, he captures them in all their glory and intrigue without romanticizing them as so many photographers have done previously."

"In his first book, wildlife photographer David Gulden captures the incredible animals of Africa and their rapidly disappearing ecosystem. Shot over a period of fifteen years in Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda, Gulden’s black and white still portraits and action shots of silverback gorillas, water buffaloes, lions, elephants, zebras, caracels, and alligators are breathtaking. Most notable is a shot of the elusive and endangered mountain bongo, an image that took three years to Gulden to achieve. Gulden also documents the encroachment of tourists into animals’ habitat, taking his title from Yeats’ exhortation “The Centre Cannot Hold.” Featuring a foreword by acclaimed novelist Susan Minot, The Centre Cannot Hold is a superb photographic document of a disappearing world."

"A compilation of black-and-white photographs of African wildlife taken by photographer David Gulden was recently published. Read more about the collection after the jump!"

"Nature's patterns can be stark and amusing, stunning, and noble. And when you look at them in black and white, devoid of color, they actually seem stronger, more pronounced. That's the effect of David Gulden's grand new book on African wildlife, a book that captures your eye and starts you dreaming about a photographic safari."