The Globetrotter Diaries: Tales, Tips, and Tactics for Traveling the 7 Continents

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"People often lament that they can't travel because their spouse or partner doesn't like to travel. Or that they have no one to travel with to their dream destination. I have to admit that I have very little patience for these complaints because, as your grandmother may have said, "Where there's a will there's a way!" So if you suffer from this malady, stand up, shake it off, and start planning. Leave that cranky husband at home, or that live-in girlfriend who would rather spend her time near her family. Every couple knows about negotiation. Let the games begin!"
"When I arrive at Glitterati Publishing’s Manhattan headquarters for my interview with Michael Clinton, I’m told he has just returned from Africa the day before, where he climbed Mount Kilimanjaro for the second time. I’m expecting him to be tired, jetlagged, and perhaps – understandably – a little grumpy. But my fears are alleviated as soon as he enters the room and introduces himself with a wide grin and an energetic handshake. Clearly this is a man with the kind of boundless energy and lust for life reserved for the high-functioning super-achievers of the world."
"Michael Clinton, the president, marketing and publishing director at Hearst Magazines, is also a selfdescribed “globetrotter.” Who would have guessed? Because rich guys never like to travel. His new book, The Globetrotter Diaries, a coffee table tome about his life as a traveler, hits shelves today."
"Aeroflot Premium presents an excerpt from the book by Michael Clinton, the president of Heart Magazines. He is known as a traveler to 122 countries around the world. This book is about the great world that awaits everybody."
"Globetrotter Diaries is made up of similarly entertaining vignettes of Clinton’s extensive travels (he has visited over 120 countries) interspersed with travel tips from the author and other super travelers. Each chapter, while typically a collection of his own experiences is also a chance for Clinton to reminisce on his own favorites in each locale, from Paris to Nepal to Terminal 5 at London’s Heathrow."
"Addicted to travel? One self-professed travelholic lays out the good, bad and ugly of his condition."
"Når en international forretningsmand har nok at se til, kan han forvandle trivielle forretningsrejser og ikke mindst sin opsparede bonus til små eventyr. Det er Michael Clinton et godt eksempel på. Han er chef for Hearst Magazines og berømt - i hvert fald i USA - for sine mange rejsebøger og fotoskildringer. Nu er han aktuel med ”The Globetrotter Diaries, Tales, Tips and Tactics for Traveling the 7 Continents”, som vi her bringer et lille, men eksklusivt uddrag fra. Bogen er rig på rejseskildringer som “The Volcano Story” og “The Zen of the Long Haul Flight”."
"In this extract from “The Globetrotter Diaries”, writer Michael Clinton explores his Lithuanian roots by recceing the Baltics beginning with the capital of Lithuania – Vilnius."
"There are plenty of travel books out there but few travel writers have as many resources or as much enthusiasm as the intrepid Michael Clinton. Clinton, who is Hearst Magazines president/marketing and publishing director, has loved travel since he was a child and has always made it a centerpiece of his life. His latest book, The Globetrotter Diaries, is a chronicle of his passion and offers plenty of wisdom for those who aspire to follow in his gallivanting footsteps."
"Michael Clinton, president of Hearst Magazines, is a passionate traveler and photographer. After collecting hundreds of stamps in his passport, where is he headed next?"
"What if one is a travel beginner? Clinton says that even after he asks novices about their desires, he usually ends up with the same answer: England. "London is a city that is rich in history, museums and culture. It's got great parks and great shopping areas. You can head to the West End for the latest play or head to Buckingham Palace with the hope of getting a glimpse of a royal.""
"As a teenager, Michael Clinton dreamed of conquering the world. Specifically, visiting 100 countries—a goal he reached with a trip to Antarctica that culminated in his 2006 book Wanderlust (Glitterati Incorporated). Since then, Clinton, president, marketing and publishing director for Hearst Magazines, has traversed 123 countries and run marathons on each of the five continents (including one next March in, yes, Antarctica.)"
"Hearst Magazines president/marketing and publishing director (since June 2010) Michael Clinton is a licensed pilot and accomplished photographer, and he has used both skills to visit 122 countries in every continent (including Antarctica) and write five photography-centric books: Wanderlust (2004), Global Snaps (2005), Global Faces (2010), American Portraits (2010) and Global Remains (2011)."
"Talk to most people about New Year's Eve and you'll usually hear a big sigh. It's one of those nights that are fraught with high anxiety. There's some grand expectation that if you're not doing something fabulous then you are, well, a bit of a loser. Put me in that category."
"Talk to most people about New Year's Eve and you'll usually hear a big sigh. It's one of those nights that are fraught with high anxiety. There's some grand expectation that if you're not doing something fabulous then you are, well, a bit of a loser. Put me in that category."
"Looking for the perfect new coffee table tome? You must pick up The Globetrotter Diaires: Tales, Tips, and Tactics for Traveling the 7 Continents, by Michael Clinton!"
"It’s no surprise that Michael Clinton, president and publishing director of Hearst Magazines, is a bit of a travel fanatic. After all, he has already documented his love of discovery in photography books, including Wanderlust and American Portraits, as well as three “global” books: Global Snaps, Global Faces and Global Remains."
"In Globetrotter Diaries, the author shares with us his adventures, his knowledge, and his witty reminiscences of his life on the road. As the author of five photography books with Glitterati, Clinton is well-versed in the native custom s, rituals, and landscapes of the most popular and remote places around the world. This book provides the perfect companion piece to his photographic work. Here Clinton reveals himself as he learns the nature of humanity from its billions of inhabitants who make travel one of life's greatest pastimes."
"Many of us have been to exotic places, hiked trails that were well off the main path, and know our way around the the great cities like London, New York, and Paris. But who among us has seen more than 100 countries? When you hit that mark, you join a rare and exclusive group of travelers with the kind of knowledge that only deep experience can give."
"Michael Clinton feted his newest traveling book, “The Globetrotter Diaries,” with a party Wednesday at the Rizzoli bookstore even as he was already plotting his next voyage. “My spring break is going to be running a marathon in Africa and coming back,” he said. The book boils down Clinton’s best travel advice culled from 25 years of trips. Clinton, president of marketing at Hearst Corp., is always on the go, and he’s become an expert at the speedy weekend getaway."
"Michael Clinton’s passion for travel was awakened at the age of twelve, when he left his Pennsylvania home to visit relatives in Ireland. Six years later, he spent a hectic three months backpacking around Europe, discovering little known places in twenty-two countries. He did this in the company of people who, with the casualness of youth and the breathless excitement of adventure, became close friends, yet whom he has not met since. He describes these travels in the first two chapters, and thus sets the tone of enthusiasm that shines through the rest of the book."
"Arte, gastronomía y viajes, éstos son los libros –recientemente publicados– que tendrán que estar en tu coffe table durante esta temporada."
"After his first year in college, Michael Clinton took off for the French countryside with nothing but a backpack, a journal, and a thumb made for hitchhiking. He reflects on the summer that changed his life."
"As the president of marketing and publishing director of Hearst Magazines, Michael Clinton spends about a third of his life traveling, meeting with big advertisers "from Bentonville," the Arkansas home of Wal-Mart, "to Milan," the center of the fashion industry. But the force that has driven the 57-year-old to visit 122 countries is more than just professional."
"Hearst Magazines president Michael Clinton for his passion for travel, marathons, photography and lack of interest in Bulgaria."
"To be truly alive, you have to have big goals. Ones that you dream about, but then move into reality. This has always been my life’s philosophy, leading me to one of my goals to run 7 marathons on 7 continents."
"Michael Clinton, Heart’s publishing director and president of marketing, is an international dare devil with a lust for exotic places and a pilot’s license to get him there. In his new book, The Globetrotter Diaries, he looks back on his epic journey. Feel his wanderlust!"