With Child

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"In his most recent monograph, Howard Schatz turns his camera on the pregnant body. Schatz, a regular contributor to Vanity Fair, is known for his artistic depictions of celebrities. He has also produced several series of nudes, in which he emphasizes the formal qualities of musculature, rendering the lithe surfaces of legs, torsos, backs, and buttocks like beautifully carved classical statues. In the more than 150 black-and-white photographs in With Child, he treats the pregnant body similarly, homing in on the dramatic shapes that the metamorphosis yields, from start to finish. It’s a refreshing take on maternity imagery."
"Howard Schatz’s 20-year study of the pregnant female form in black-and-white."
"A new book presents an intimate meditation on pregnancy and motherhood."
"Recently I received a review copy of WITH child photographed by Howard Schatz. WITH child is an impressive coffee table book featuring more than 100 mothers-to-be over a twenty year period. Before becoming a full-time photographer Schatz was a physician who helped deliver many babies which surely inspired him to document this miraculous process."