April Cornell At Home: Glorious Prints and Patterns to Decorate and Enhance Your Home
April Cornell


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In this refreshingly eclectic and intimate assemblage of home design inspirations, April Cornell takes the reader on a walk through her world of color, textures and style, using her charming Victorian-style family home in Vermont as the showcase for her personal approach to design and decorating. In doing so, she inspires readers to rethink their own relationship with the natural world and suggests ingenious ways to enhance any home using nature's perfect palettes.

Beautifully illustrated throughout, the book is a cornucopia of refreshingly simple, yet sumptuous home decorating ideas. It is also the inspiring story of an artist who has looked at life and has been so dazzled by its inherent beauty that her focus is unwaveringly uncomplicated. Readers need not mimic April's style to appreciated the sagacity and sensuality of her design philosophy; her serene approach to home decorating is both infectious and achievable.

The book itself is threaded together in the same fashion that she has assembled her home, as well as her international fashion and accessory business, and that is with captivating bursts of color, texture from her own life experience, and with art intermingled throughout, all in a practical and natural manner. In her hands, a list of plant names in Latin and English becomes beautiful to behold, but equally as interesting to know. The book also features April's own introspections and illustrations, homey sketches that perfectly punctuate each page.

ISBN: 978-0-921152-5-4
160 pages; 10 3/4 x 11 1/4"; hardcover


April Cornell