Closer: Photographic Details
Michael Clinton


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Not only is Michael Clinton the President and Publishing Director for Hearst Magazines, he is a globetrotter, accomplished photographer, and prolific author. Closer: Seeing the World in Details is Clinton’s seventh travel book, and, like the others, it is a testament to his insatiable wanderlust and keen eye for beauty and inspiration. What sets this new collection apart is its focus on small, often overlooked details. While Clinton has visited more than 120 countries, he emphasizes the importance of stopping to truly look and pay attention to the magical details that surround us, even in our own backyards.

As Clinton writes in the Introduction, “Plates of food, local posters, statues and their details, signs, flora, local handicrafts—all add up to getting closer to a place, a culture, and its people…We are surrounded by memories, sensory stimuli, and the specifics of our lives that help to define who we are as people.” Through Clinton’s illuminating photographs and the stunning spreads contained within his book, we learn to appreciate the small details that give insight into different cultures and places from around the world, helping us to slow down and appreciate our surroundings on a deeper level.

ISBN: 978-0990532019

192 pages; 7.5 x 6"; hardcover
250 4/c photographs


Michael Clinton