Pied-A-Terre: Interiors of Magdalena Keck
Magdalena Keck


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Magdalena Keck's stunning debut title Pied-À-Terre details how to enjoy a minimalist lifestyle without sacrificing the finest natural materials, bespoke pieces, and most of all celebrating the architectural environment itself.

Presented through 116 sharp photographs and thirteen dynamic layouts, each of the projects is the product of a search for balanced resonance between the environment, time, and inhabitant, and features expressive photography, a concept description, and schematic floor plans. Readers journey through Keck's oeuvre, through works that range from a Bowery penthouse and a Park Avenue apartment to a Brooklyn terrace and a Tribeca loft. 

Applying sensory design, an appreciation for form and material, and an understanding of minimalism to each of her projects, Keck seamlessly brings clean, polished designs to an array of homes. The designer's core ethos inspired by pied-à-Terre living is the foundation for the entire body of Keck’s work: primary, hotel residences, and weekend homes alike. This innovative, seasoned designer has honed a style distinctively her own while meeting the needs of diverse international clientele.

Pied-À-Terre is a captivating look into living spaces that encompass contemporary, comfortable, design without stylistic mannerisms. This monograph will inspire, guide, and pique the interest of design professionals and enthusiasts, and all those who find pleasure in a relaxed, minimal lifestyle.

About the Authors:

Tiziana Proietti is an architect and a Ph.D. researcher based in Italy. She is a professor at the Institute of European Design in Rome, where she teaches courses on the history of contemporary architecture. She uses her architectural expertise to write and curate art and architecture events.

Dan Howarth is a multi-award-nominated architecture, design, and fashion journalist. Dan currently serves as US editor for Dezeen and has been responsible for all of the online magazine's design content since 2014. Previously based in London, where he also wrote for FarfetchOak, and The Independent, among others, Dan relocated to New York City in 2016.

Magdalena Keck has gained a reputation for designing luxury Manhattan pied-à-Terre apartments for a diverse international clientele. She is known for her highly conceptual and integrated approach, bridging memories and aspirations. She was born in Poland and lives and works in New York City.

ISBN: 978-0-9987474-1-5
224 pages; 8 1/2 x 13 3/10"; hardcover