The Sleeping Beauty: A Journey to the Ballet of the Mariinsky Theatre
Nikita Polyansky


Pin It Fancy

The Sleeping Beauty takes the familiar tale beyond the popular Disney telling. Readers are introduced to 11-year-old Lena Gabrielle, who desperately wants to attend the 1890 debut performance of "The Sleeping Beauty" ballet at the Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg. When her father tells her the show is sold out, Lena Gabrielle embarks on a secret journey through the streets of the fabulous historic city. During the course of her travels, statues come alive. Amidst all the magic, she meets an endearing old man, named Tchaikovsky, who leads her to the door of the Mariinsky and shows her the stage where the ballet will be performed. When Lena Gabrielle touches the curtain, it parts, and she watches in awe as the ballet unfolds before her eyes -- but is it really the performance? Or has Lena Gabrielle fallen far into her imagination?

The book features the 48-page classic English translation of the French tale on which the ballet is based. With 50 full-color illustrations created expressly for this book, Russian set designer Nikita Polyansky has rendered a unique collectible and retells the original Sleeping Beauty story.

ISBN: 978-0-9721152-0-9
48 pages; 8 5/8 x 10 7/16"; hardcover; 40 4/c artworks



Nikita Polyansky