Towering Mirrors, Mirroring Towers: Photographs of Urban Reflections
David Weinberg


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In this remarkable collection of original photography, David Weinberg captures the creations of some of America's celebrated architects like Helmut Jahn and Tom Beeby as well as the work of illustrious firms like Holabird & Roche and Kohn Pederson Fox. Weinberg reveals how intriguing their towers of glass and steel truly are.

The buildings featured here are reflective of our society; their modern design represent the accelerated pace of civilization while their glass facades act as literal mirrors, reflecting the scenes of urban life in a dazzling display of color and movement. Weinberg takes us from the magnificent structures of Chicago to the creative designs of Dallas, Texas, and then further east to make the most of the extreme light in Sarasota, Florida.

But Towering Mirrors, Mirroring Towers is more than an exposition of modern buildings. It is a unique collection of photographic images; an innovative study in visual abstraction. Weinberg captures familiar skyscrapers in surprising ways, so that many of these photographs -- shots of mercurial colors and shapes, reflected and warped into shimmering patterns of light -- are no longer recognizable as building. His work is a reminder that our everyday surroundings are full of amazing and unexpected displays. We need only to look around, and we'll find them reflected back at us from every angle.

ISBN: 978-0-9777531-2-3
128 pages; 10 1/4 x 11"; hardcover;
100 4/c photos


David Weinberg